Don Airey – All Out

Don_Airey-All_OutAll Out continues in the same bombastic style, with four keyboard and Hammond heavy instrumentals working seamlessly alongside six vocal tracks. Providing the voice on those songs is Carl Sentance, who previously sang with Krokus, Persian Risk and The Geezer Butler Band and who actually sounds remarkably similar to the singer in Don’s main musical outlet, Ian Gillan and that in its self should let you know that Sentence is a charismatic and powerful vocalist who adds hugely to the album.

Making up the rest of the band, guitarist Rob Harris (Jamiroquai), drummer Darrin Mooney (Primal Scream) and respected jazz bassist Laurence Cottle. However not content with piecing together a tight and impressive band, Airey has also enlisted the help of guitarists Joe Bonamassa, Bernie Marsden and his brother Keith Airey, who all show up at various points throughout the album.